What Science Says About Staying Warm Outdoors

Winter ClothesThere are many tips out there telling you how to stay warm during winter. Do they have scientific basis? Some of them may be easy to follow, but are actually useless. What better way to keep yourself warm than listen to advice based on scientific facts. Below, Pedigree Ski Shop shares some things about the body that you need to know.

The Core

Keeping every exposed part of your skin covered helps in insulation. The most important part of your body that you should focus on is your torso. This serves as the core of your body because this is where most of your vital organs are. When the farthest parts of the body suffer from frostbite, it is simply because the body stops pumping blood to those areas. This is a self-preservation method. Putting more importance to your core will allow you to keep the farthest parts of your body such as the fingers to keep warm as well.

Food and Water

It may seem counterintuitive to drink water when it is cold, but it is actually what can keep you warm. Food and water acts as fuel to the body, allowing your internal organs to work properly. A functioning body will know how to create its defenses naturally against the cold weather. Even summit climbers know this fact as water helps you retain more body heat. Before heading out in the cold, always remember to drink a glass of water or simply never go out with an empty stomach.

With these scientific tips, you are surely equipped with the knowledge on how to stay warm in winter more effectively. Protect your core and get yourself a Patagonia ski jacket, for example. Investing in a set of winter clothing before the colder season may help you be more comfortable when it comes.