Variety Makes Your Business Boom

Woman eating yogurt with oatsFlavor is what defines a successful food franchise. You can have the best team of marketers, but if you don’t have a flavorful product to market, you can only go so far. However, it’s not enough to get the classics right. You also want to push the boundaries and offer something that has never been seen (and tasted) before. For instance, a froyo yogurt franchise will see more customers with the help of these ideas:

Childhood Classics

You grew up with certain kinds of desserts, and if you taste them again, you’ll remember a lot of good childhood memories. Now, imagine if you can feel the nostalgia in a different form? From popular snacks to your grandma’s cookies, anything can turn plain yogurt into a delightful experience. It takes a bit of experimentation, but this addition to your menu will surely get some traffic.

Tempting Tastes

You’re not limited to your past when coming up with new flavors to offer customers. You can go with something entirely new or never tried before. This requires a little bit of risk, as the reactions might be strong from both sides of the spectrum. For instance, bacon-flavored ice cream was received with varying reviews when it was first introduced. Chili ice cream has also made an appearance. Many have even tried charcoal ice cream, if only for the aesthetics.

Tasty Treats

You don’t have to change the recipe completely to spice up your menu. As for desserts, you can go a long way by simply offering more toppings. That plain yogurt can be dressed up with cheesecake bites, hot fudge, brownies, chocolate chips, and fresh fruits. Letting customers personalize their yogurt will make your product a sure hit for everyone, including those who are watching their calorie consumption.

Yogurt is an excellent product for customers of all ages. Make the most of your business by offering many options.