Tides are Turning: Businesses Now Prefer an Online Benefits Enrollment System

Business WebsiteMore companies are veering away from a manual benefits administration system because the online version has become more accessible. These systems let users apply certain system eligibility rules that identify qualified employees and dependents, eliminating unnecessary process expenses for the company. Furthermore, the system also has a lower chance of committing premium billing errors, which translates to less administrative expenditures.

Employers, moreover, can tweak these administration systems to suit the specific needs of their organization. They just need to get in touch with professionals who are knowledgeable about HR processes as well as the configuration of online systems.

Here are some of the other advantages of an online benefits enrollment administration:

Cost and Time Efficiency for Employers

With a paper-based benefits administration system, the HR staff would have to send emails, notify applicants, and assist every employee who is enrolling or re-enrolling in the benefit program. Converting to an online benefits administration program reduces the amount of time an HR professional needs to spend working on single employee’s enrollment.

Additionally, these systems eliminate the need to start the process over again when an employee gets married, gives birth, or experiences any qualifying life event. The HR staff can then focus on more strategic corporate initiatives.

Convenience and Flexibility for Employees

Online enrollment allows employees to sign up and check their selections and benefits wherever they are, during any time of the day. The need for a one-on-one meeting between the employee and a member of the HR team just to facilitate benefits elections is, therefore, eliminated. It also offers employees the convenience of checking the details of certain benefits online, so they can peruse and compare plans when they find it convenient.

The key to a smooth transition into an online benefits administration system is to find a vendor with a deep understanding of the HR processes as well as a high level of technical expertise. The vendor should be able to configure certain features so it can better serve your company, as well as help you and your team adjust to the new system.