On Careers and the Best Path: Switching Jobs Every Three Years

Jobs hiring in IndianapolisIt used to be that switching jobs every so often looked bad on a résumé. The sudden changes told recruiters you weren’t capable of holding a job, were disloyal, or simply could not commit to a cause.

As the number of millennials in the workforce grew, however, the stigma began losing strength. Today’s workers expect to learn continuously and quickly to advance in their careers. This sentiment opposes the past generation’s belief that sticking to an employer longer results in better job opportunities.

Job Hopping Arguments

There’s been a lot of debate when it comes to jumping from one job to another. The economy is different and will never stay the same, and some experts believe that workers who stay with a company longer than two years get paid 50% less. Constant job hoppers, on the other hand, have higher learning curves and are even more loyal. They care about making a good impression in the short period they get to know their employers.

Patty McCord, Netflix’s former chief talent officer believes that changing jobs is a wise career move and young people should do so every three years.

Switching is Good for You

Jumping from one company to another every three years builds your skills faster because of the learning curve. Since job hoppers thrive on being outside their comfort zones, they should learn fast. From making great impressions to better definitions of what their bottom line is, job hoppers should get this done within a couple of years before moving to their next job.

As a result, they spend more time learning within a short period time. Their learning curve is higher compared to those who stay in their jobs.

Making the Change

Switching jobs is challenging, but not impossible. With the number of jobs hiring in Indianapolis, there is always an opportunity waiting, especially when you know what to do.

A smooth switch begins by leaving well. How can you start well if you left your former job with a bad impression? Make your departure easier by staying for a reasonable period of time, but not so long that you stagnate. Also, start networking. By meeting other people, you improve your chances of landing a new job that fits you well.

So, if you want to improve your climb to the top of the career ladder, consider making a move every three years.