How to Plan the Best Marriage Proposal Ever

man proposing to his girlfirendSo, you’ve been in love with her for ages and you can no longer imagine life without her. Now, you feel that it is the right time to put a ring on her finger. You start looking for the perfect place where you can pop the question.

A wedding proposal is a major event in every couple’s life. It must be unique, special and unforgettable. As you look for the best jewellers in Hatton Garden who make engagement rings, these tips should help you plan out the best proposal ever:

1. Do not expect a “yes” right away

Having expectations can set you up for disappointments. Surely, she loves you as much as you love her, but some girls could just get tongue-tied and too shocked that they wouldn’t know what to say right away. Remember to give her time if she needs it.

2. Make it an intimate occasion

Unless she has told you that she wants to make it public, it is best to do it in an intimate setting. Go on an evening picnic or make a reservation for a private table at a fancy and quiet restaurant.

3. Be creative

Incorporate your personality as a couple into your proposal. If you both like the beach, do it after a beachside dinner. If you both like music, do it before or after watching your favourite band. Be as creative as possible to make it an epic and memorable proposal.

4. Tell her parents

If you plan to surprise her (which is the best way, by the way), secretly tell her parents about your plans. It may be old-fashioned to ask for their blessing, but it will always earn you more points.

The key is to stay calm and remember how much you love each other. Whether you do it on a regular date or make it extravagant, what will matter in the end is your future together as a couple who is truly in love.