Functional Capacity Evaluation: What It Is and What to Expect

medical experts smiling for the camera after FCEA functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a medical examination. MEASURAbilities, LLC, notes that unlike other health examinations, physical or occupational therapists conduct this evaluation instead of your physician. The FCE helps your insurance company know your ability to carry out your material and substantial occupational requirements.

Before going in for the FCE, your therapist first takes a look at your medical history to get an idea of your general health status. Your insurer sends the therapist your insurance claim forms and any necessary evidence.

What to Expect at an FCE

An average FCE session takes about four to six hours. The session could take shorter or longer depending on the number of tests your insurance company requires. The maximum duration should be about two days.

Upon getting into the FCE venue, the therapist will hand you a form where you should input some information on your medical history and any current symptoms. The therapist will be observing your posture as you fill the forms and how long it takes to complete filling the forms.

After handing back the form to the therapist, he or she will go through the form you just filled and will ask you a question or two concerning the details in the form.

Series of Tests

You will then go into a room, and the therapist will conduct a series of functional and musculoskeletal testing. The examiner will look at your ability to lift, pull, push, and sustain the weight of an object. He or she also examines your ability to walk, stand, and sit and how long you can sustain your postures while at it.

After getting the functional capacity evaluation for disability, the therapist ought to prepare a comprehensive report on your case for your insurer. You should also get a copy to see what it entails and contact your attorney about it.