For IT Businesses: Strengthening After-Sales Services

Employee talking to a customer through the phone Running an IT business, whether it’s product-based or service-centred, will always require you to support your customers even after they have already bought your products. This is because using a machine or a software program has a learning curve, and you should be the go-to person of the users if they have a question.

This is the reason you should provide your customers with strong and reliable after-sales services. If you are still developing this aspect, then congratulations—you are committed to giving your customers the very best service.

Whether you have a business you’ve got from IT franchise opportunities or started on your own, here are some ways to improve your after-sales services:

Explain your policies

One of the most basic and important things that you should do is explain the policies involved in product acquisition. This is where you should explain carefully all the policies stipulated in the warranty. You should also explain to them some basic troubleshooting tips if they encounter any problem. Finally, you should enumerate the store branches and places they can go to if they want to have the product fixed.

Take it online

Keep in mind that you have customers who hail from far places. So other than having phone calls, you should make sure that your business can be easily reached online. On your website, you can dedicate a section for this. You should also have a response team, or community managers that can accommodate queries should the customers contact you via social media.

Offer promos

Make your customers feel special by offering freebies (a product or a service) and some promos. If they have bought a laptop computer, you can give them free power banks or bags. These may seem small, but they will surely matter.

These are just some of the ways to offer after-sales services. You can also take this opportunity to have your services evaluated through a survey or an interview.