Choosing the Right ID Badge Reel for Your Employees

ID with white laceBadge reels play a role in many workplace security plans and dress codes. They are great for presenting staff ID badges, electronic keys, proximity cars, and more. The retractable cord makes identity verification and card swiping more convenient. It also keeps the card close to the body, protecting it from snagging on machinery. If you’re ordering photo badges in the UK, you should also look for badge reels that suit your workplace environment. Here are the top designs you have to consider:

Swivelling Badge Reels

This standard badge reel has a downward orientation that you can’t change. It features a clip at the back of the reel that allows it to rotate 360 degrees. Swivelling badge reels are ideal for those who hang the clip from their collar or pants pocket. The reel will automatically correct its position so that it lays vertically instead of sticking out at odd angles.

No-Twist Badge Reels

This type of badge reel is ideal for individuals who have to take out their ID badge for swiping multiple times a day. No-twist card reels contain a unique cut of plastic that keeps the string flat as it passes through the reel, stopping it from twisting or flipping over. You’ll like this feature if you want employee IDs to be visible at all times.

Heavy-Duty Reels

These high-quality reels are made to withstand a rugged outdoor or industrial setting. They feature strong chain-link or wire retractable cords instead of the standard vinyl. Heavy duty reels also come with fibre-reinforced straps and have an 18 to 24-inch cord length.

The badge reel you’re getting should depend on the fashion sense, workplace environment, and personal needs of your staff. Consider the different features of each type of badge reel to find the right design for your company.