4 Establishments That Count on People Counting Systems

AirportYou may have despised math in school, but analyzing numbers has its practical applications. Basic people counting technology, for example, measures the number and direction of people passing through exits and entryways. Tracking the number of visitors enable professionals to provide sound solutions in queue management, security, and retail.

Here are four establishments that rely on people counting technology:


It’s critical for managers of retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls to determine the number of customers at certain hours of the day. Knowing their stores’ foot traffic allows them to calculate footfall patterns, track store performance, and improve customer service. They can identify which aisles are popular among store visitors and, thus, focus on the products on those aisles for marketing purposes.

Libraries and Museums

These two critical houses of knowledge depend on a door counter system for smooth operations. Architects use data from visitor counting technology to design the shelves and aisles, making sure every table, chair, and checkout areas serve their purpose. Museums also use people counting technology for tracking foot traffic and identifying the most viewed art pieces in the house.

Airports and Transport Terminals

As Countwise.com explains, door counting systems are common among airport operators and transport terminal administrators. A top-of-the-line door counter system uses thermal technology, allowing administrators to count people accurately even during rush hour. The data helps with space planning, security, and environmental design.

Stadiums and Other Public Sport Venues

Sports enthusiasts storm stadiums where their favorite basketball, tennis, or football player exhibits outstanding athleticism. To avoid bottleneck areas or even a stampede, managers in public sport venues rely on people counting technology for better queue management. This allows the business to maintain its customers and provide a safe environment for sports fans.

With the reliable data from high technology people counting systems, these four establishments can design their buildings well, determine busy spots, and provide excellent products and services to customers.