3 Ways to Overcome That Overwhelming Fear of Starting a Business

a business meetingStarting a business is, by no means, an easy task. It’s riddled with anxiety and apprehension, as you tread lightly, clumsily in this cutthroat world. It’s scary not just because your competence is on the line, but more so because what you’re doing is something bigger than you.

Regardless of the business you’re trying to get into, whether you’re breaking into tech or food industry, when it materializes, it will have an impact to society. That fact is overwhelming, yet it’s one of those things that will keep you going. How do you tackle this fear of taking on this uneasy task that’s bigger than you? Practice these timeless principles:

Establish clear, achievable goals.

Often, the fear of starting entrepreneurs’ comes from the fact that there are many things to do, that it will be impossible to accomplish each of them, and that they will never be done in a way entrepreneurs want them to. It’s really an insurmountable task if you see it that way. Instead of looking at it like a big chunk of a task, break up the process into smaller parts, with clear achievable goals for each of what you want to accomplish.

For instance, if you’re starting a sandwich shop, you must have clear objectives for financing, sales, and marketing, which are the three key success indicators in the food business. When you’re able to pin these down, it will make the process more digestible and give your team a roadmap of how every task will be done.

Tap the right people.

Sometimes, it’s the reality of just having yourself to trust and depend on that’s causing the anxiety for most starting entrepreneurs. That can be a real source of insecurity, but understand that entrepreneurship isn’t a lone ranger’s game.

You must build a solid team who will dedicate their talent, support you, and help crush that creeping self-doubt that will come up every now and then. They’re the ones who will give you sound business advice whenever things get crazy. Remember that it takes a community (of employees, investors, partners, franchisors, and clients) to raise an entrepreneur.

Master the industry.

Another source of uncertainty for starting entrepreneurs is the lack of experience. Maybe you had a career in a different industry, but because of a hobby, you want to get into a field that’s mostly unfamiliar to you. Know that growing a business is an immersion journey. The only way you can gain mastery of it is when you put yourself in it. The longer you spend time doing it, the better you become.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and start your business? Conquer your fears and embrace the risks.