3 PPE Signs and Meanings You Need to Know

Flammable warning signsSafety signage is essential, and they help in the reduction of injuries in different working sites. They can be images or written text that guide workers on safety and other precautions.

In many countries, the law requires employers and companies to add PPE signs to their workplaces to ensure workers’ safety. In this post, we share some vital PPE signs and meanings that you need to know.

Site Signs

Personal protective equipment (PPE) are outfits and gear that must be worn at the place of work. Some of these PPEs include reflective vests, hard hats, safety boots, and protective gloves. Workplace managers are required to add PPE signs for varied gear and outfits that workers need to wear when they are at specific locations or when handling specific products.

For example, there are machines and equipment that can be hazardous when workers operate them using gloves. In such a case, having a warning sign that prohibits the use of gloves can be critical.

Hazard Safety Sign

Hazard safety signs are mostly cautious, warnings or danger signs displayed with an exclamation mark before stating. Caution must be written in capital latter with an image of potential hazard shown right below it. For instance, a hot surface will be represented by someone closely pointing to the ground with an image of hot steam to indicate increased or high temperatures.

Also, for areas with slippery floors, you can add a sign showing someone falling on the floor or staircase. This will help to encourage them to use the handrails while using the stairs or walk carefully. Locations with heavy electrical panels and wiring can use a danger sign with a high voltage drawing to warn workers about a possible electrical danger or shock.

Fire Assembly Point

Industries use green and white colors to mark a fire assembly point. Typically, the point is where staff and visitors assemble in the event of a fire disaster. For example, in a multi-unit building, the owner can use direction signs to guide people to the assembly point. Usually, the assembly point sign features an image of people with four inward arrows.

As a manufacturer, you’re legally required to add safety labels and PPE signs to your workplaces. Ensuring the safety of your workers will help to minimize accidents and improve productivity.