You Can’t Just Wing It: Going on Your Very First Business Trip

First Business  TripIt’s what you’ve been waiting for! After being in your company for x number of years, your boss has finally decided to send you on a business trip. Whether it’s for a client meeting, a site visit or an industry conference, you’re ready to make an even better impression to your superiors and start climbing the corporate ladder. You’re excited for the opportunity, of course. But the problem is, this is your first, and you have no idea where to begin your preparations.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. With these business travel hacks, you’ll be on your way to getting that job done and with flying colors.

Be a smart packer

Every article that shares business travel tips should always have some packing advice. Packing your suitcase may seem like a task that everyone already knows, but when you’re in a rush (and under a lot of pressure), some things can be forgotten. Charge all of your electronics the night before you fly. If necessary, switch the time zone on your phone. Check the details of your hotel accommodation, too. If you have hard copies of any documents you’ll need during your trip (do you have a big presentation to deliver?), file them neatly in your carry-on bag.

Follow the leader

If you’re just tagging along with your boss, of course you’ll have to make adjustments. If your boss wants to relax after a long meeting, then you can take it easy, too. But, if your boss wants to keep working, then you’ll have to do your share, too. But, if you’re being sent as the company’s representative and you’re traveling alone, discuss the objectives of the trip with your boss and make sure to set expectations.

Keep Track of All Important Details

Before your trip, have a printed copy of all the travel information you need, such as the schedules, expenses and contact info. Double check everything before you hop on that plane. Also, when you’ve reached your destination, make sure to keep a copy of all the receipts. Otherwise, you may not be reimbursed without proof.

Good luck on your trip! Give it your best to impress your boss, but don’t forget to have fun as well.