Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Time for a Long-Distance Move

Movers unloading boxes from vanHomeowners should know that moving cross-country entails significant expenses, but choosing the right time lets them save money and avoid paying hidden charges.

These hidden costs usually involve fees that are more than the average cost. You may spend as much as $10,000 on average for a long-distance move in the U.S., and this could easily double if you do so during the summer season.

Right Timing

A van lines moving company usually charges twice the amount during the summer season because of the higher demand. Colonial Van Lines notes that the winter season is the best time for those who want to pay lower prices due to a higher availability of moving companies and a weaker demand.

If winter is a busy period for you, you could schedule a relocation in the middle of the day and in the middle of the months between October and April. The peak season for moving in a month usually occurs in the first and last weeks. Rates are also higher if you move during the weekend.

Other Hidden Charges

Households should expect to pay extra if they plan to move large furniture and other bulky items. For instance, you would need to pay an additional rate that ranges from $150 to $800 for a grand piano. Those who need to ship their car may spend up to $900, depending on the covered distance and your chosen schedule.

Your auto insurance won’t likely cover the expenses of a rental truck. Some moving companies offer it as an added service, which usually costs between $10 and $30 per day. Like any other insurance, you need to know the coverage before buying one.

A cross-country relocation requires careful planning as early as possible. When choosing a service provider, ask quotes from at least three companies so that you can compare rates and make the right decision.