What Are the Most Trusted Brands in New Zealand?

BrandWhat makes a successful brand in New Zealand? According to a recent survey, Whittaker’s ranked as the most trusted brand in the country for the seventh year in a row.

Businesses that want to gain the same recognition should consider investing more in better branding strategies. It could even be as simple as having custom-made merchandise for your corporate brand or looking into the viability of social media and other digital campaigns.

New Look

One reason for Whittaker’s consistent lead in consumer trust is the company’s drive to innovate its products. Matt Whittaker, the company’s chief sales officer, believes that launching new products now and then has been essential in keeping their target market’s interest in their brand.

By striving for innovation, your consumers are likely to perceive your brand as a leader in product development. This is particularly beneficial for industries with tight competition, as customer loyalty can often determine market shares. Aside from offering new products, excellent customer service speaks volumes about your brand.

Involve Your Clients

An effective brand should also resonate with your clients by making them feel that they are part of your success. One way to achieve this involves getting feedback from your customers through product surveys.

It’s now easier to reach out to your target markets due to the prevalence of online media aside from having dedicated hotlines, e-mail support, and other forms of communication. Remember that the more personal your client engagement strategy is, the higher the chances of making your customers feel that you value their support.

Brands should consider adopting a full-scale approach for their promotional campaigns. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, although it’s best to stick with traditional strategies. How do you plan to improve your corporate image this year?