Various Products Use Varied Forms of Packaging

Product PackagingPackaging is a necessity for every type of product and industry. It is crucial in the clothing industry, in technology and in the food industry.  Packaging has to be well-designed to ensure that the product inside is protected from potential damage, tampering and contamination.

Manufacturers employ various packaging and wrapping systems suitable for a range of applications. Different types of products require different kinds of packaging — the mode of packaging, tamper resistance and easy access are important points of consideration.

Different Materials Used

Plastic is used for packaging food materials and drinks. It can be rigid or flexible, depending on your needs. Milk cartons, soda cans and egg trays are some examples of plastic packaging.

Aluminium and metals are also common materials used in packaging. The packaging of sodas, beer and other canned products is made of these materials. While initially a costly option, manufacturers can save on their expenses through recycling.

Glass containers are used to package honey, wine and jams.

The Right Packaging for Your Product

Certain types of packaging are ideal for certain types of products, based on their use. Loose food stuff, such as cereals, pretzels and other types of snacks, are packaged in pillow bags. They can be easily opened and provide a cushion of air to prevent the products from getting crushed.

Tamper-resistant packaging is a common feature of pharmaceutical products. Pre-packaged pill trays are used, as these have tight aluminium seals; blister packaging is used to package various pills. The user can just punch the pill through the blister or seal it using their fingers.

Beverages are served in tetra packs with spouts or easy to open seals and straws. These are just a few examples of the right packaging.

The right kind of packaging can go a long way in making sure that your products reach their destination in good condition.