Understanding Interest and Intent for Better Keyword Research

keyword research
Keyword research is an important aspect of any online marketing campaign; with the changes in search engines and user behavior, you need to tune into the interests and intents of your visitors. Doing so, provides you with insights as to which keywords work best for your pages and websites. Coforge Marketing, a New York-based SEO company cites the following ways that enable you to improve your research methods.

Brand Terms

People who recognize your company are the easiest to turn into loyal paying consumers. They already know what they want and what they are getting from your brand. However, when you consider volume, these terms might not result in the most number of page views or impressions. The conversion rate more than makes up for the deficiency in views as impressions, as these people will buy or sign up for the newsletter when they click on your links.

Product Terms

This is the actual product your brand offers; from what it does to what problems it addresses. Depending on the diversity of your products, the list of terms will be long. People who use these as keywords are further back in the purchasing funnel. The cost per action for these is higher compared to brand terms. The latter can only take you so far, that’s why you should start increasing the resources you spend for product terms.

Audience Terms

These keywords cover all kinds of different words that your target market might be looking for. The impression volume of these terms is enormous, making it a tempting category to pour resources on. These set of keywords are close to traditional targeting, which follows the pastimes and interests of a target market.

These terms follow the interest and intent concept of keyword research; including these terms in your campaigns provide you with a competitive advantage. This model allows you to understand the intention of searchers, giving you insight as to which words convert at a better rate.