Top Graphic Design Trends You Should Implement in 2016

Graphic DesignYour target market needs you to stay relevant as their chosen brand, or the competition will just take over and get them off your hands. Relevance takes into account how your website, logo, brand, and products look. So if you have not changed for the past several years, now is the time to do so.

Gather your team and start racking your brain for ways to change up your graphic design. Utah has a wide range of professionals you can also choose from should you prefer letting the experts do the redesign. In the meantime, here are some design trends about to make waves the coming year:

Custom Illustration

Several decades ago, stick imagery made its way into the graphic design industry. From then on, it became a standard for many websites.

However, experts know that these illustrations no longer work as effectively as they used to, which then gave birth to custom-made images. Originality is, and will always be king, so focus on what makes your company stand out from the crowd and use this to your advantage.


The use of rich, vivid, and bold colors reminiscent of the 80s has started among many aspects of the design industry, and experts believe that this will continue well into 2016 and 2017.

Nearly Flat Design

The term “nearly” is important here: it’s almost flat but not quite. It doesn’t feature so much texture and depth, and white space will continue to dominate; however, certain key elements should retain some dimension to them. Layering is a factor you should keep an eye out for next year.

Shapes Out of Shapes

You should not just stick to a basic shape when creating icons, logos, or patterns and call it a day. For 2016, shapes will take a life of their own and evolve, so now is the best time to start making a shape from another shape (or several) and use it to pique the interest of your potential customers.

The world of graphic design doesn’t stop changing. It is up to you how you choose to stay updated with the latest changes.

To make things easier for you, work with an experienced and reliable graphic designer. These experts know what they are doing and always keep themselves abreast of developments in the industry, so that they can deliver quality results to their clients.