Tired of the Gym? Try These 3 Fun Activities That Burn Fat

Guy doing swimming lapsWith the growing awareness of the importance of health, more Americans are spending money on their well-being. On the average, people shell out $155 a month for gym memberships, personal trainers, and supplements.

But statistics also show that roughly 90% of those who sign up for gyms quit within the next three months. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is lack of motivation. Some people just don’t enjoy the rigidity of these places.

If you’re one of those, you’re in luck. You can still lose weight and tone your body while having fun outside the confines of the traditional gym. Here are some activities you can try:

Rock Climbing

Scale boulders in a much safer way by trying the walls of a rock climbing gym. Centers such as Prescott Rocks and Rec have one. Indoor rock climbing is a fantastic workout since it already combines both cardio and weight training. It engages a lot of your core muscles, shoulders, abdomen, and thighs. It can also help improve your focus and strategic thinking, which is a good bonus besides having a better physique.


If you’re done with scaling the walls, you can take a dip while burning as much as 590 calories an hour, depending on your weight and swim style. Either way, like rock climbing, this activity works on a variety of your muscles. Moreover, it’s low impact, so it doesn’t stress the joints right away. You’re more likely to recover faster when you swim.


Do you know merely digging can already work plenty of your muscles? You can activate your hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and biceps. You can stretch your back and your feet. Pulling weeds can burn about 200 calories per hour. If you’re ready to do the dirtier work such as hauling dirt, that could be 600 calories every 60 minutes. With gardening, you can grow your own food, which also supports your nutrition and dietary needs.

Surely, gyms are still gems, especially if you want access to good personal trainers and machines. These options, however, tell you there’s no need to trap yourself with the monthly membership fees. In fact, you can make your workouts varied to avoid the burnout.