Tips for Finding your Dream Condominium in the Philippines

A condominium building in the afternoonWhether you are trying to cop your first investment or looking for a new place to live in, buying the perfect condo unit can be a tough task. Sure, it’s fun to look at different properties, but when it comes to choosing your ideal unit, it can get a little confusing and out of hand.

Looking at Lancaster New City reviews and asking for a recommendation from friends and family will help a lot, so make sure to do that. Apart from this, follow a set of reminders that will help you in your search for the ideal condominium.


The first thing you must always consider when buying a condo unit is the location. Think about your needs: do you want to be near establishments such as malls and shopping centers? Do you want to be near your office to avoid being stuck in traffic? Whatever your reasons are, make sure to keep your needs and preferences in mind and consider the location.

The Developer’s Reputation

Research about the condominium’s developer and see if it has a good reputation. There have been cases in the Philippines wherein the developer had to stop the production due to lack of money. If you encounter developers such as this, it will likely be difficult for you to get your money back — or it might take years before you get the full reimbursement. Make sure to read up on your developer’s background and work history. Ask around before you invest your money in a unit.


You will be paying for association dues every month, so make sure to find a condominium that comes with useful amenities. Some of the most common amenities that condos offer are gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, a clubhouse, and a library. You can also ask the real estate agent how many people actually reside in the building or buildings, to make sure that there is enough space for people using the amenities.

Rules and Regulations

Since you will be living in a community with people you do not know, you will have to abide by the management’s rules and regulations. Before buying a unit, inquire about the rules, so that you can follow them to the letter. If some rules may not fit your circumstances (for example, the no-pet rule), inquire about what you can do. Some condominiums can be flexible and may allow one pet as long as they’re not noisy and do not disturb the neighbors or damage the property.

Owning a condominium, especially near your workplace, has a lot of benefits. Go with these reminders, and you will have a great time hunting for the perfect condo. Good luck!