The Secret’s Out: Tips on Finding Hidden Restaurants

hawker place in SingaporeSingapore may be a small country, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with amazing flavours. The city-state packs a wallop when it comes to food — serving as a melting pot for all sorts of cuisine in and around South East Asia.

From Indian to Malaysia, from Chinese to even European cuisine, the food options are endless. But when it comes to where to eat in Singapore, there are plenty of options off the beaten path.

Choosing a hole-in-the-wall establishment can lead to unlocking amazing flavours and memorable discoveries. If choosing an unknown restaurant scares you, then here are some tips to finding hidden gems.

Scrolling Through Social Media

Social media has such an impact on the way restaurants conduct business that very few are without an online presence. Try looking for buzz-worthy restaurants by searching hashtags on social media sites such as Instagram.

Pinterest is also another great source when it comes to restaurants. Simply type your location in the search bar, and it will lead you to a collection of restaurants. You could even browse through accounts of local food critics and social media influencers.

Talking the Talk

Word of mouth is another great marketing tool utilised by restaurants to build foot traffic. As such, it is not unheard of for people to buzz about a trendy, new establishment or a secret menu or food joint.

When travelling, try talking to the locals. Ask around your hotel about any new exciting places and see what comes up. Other food service industry professionals will also have an idea about what the next big place is.

After all, they need to keep an eye on the competition. Try chatting up your server or asking a chef friend for recommendations. They’ll be sure to have a place or two in mind.

New restaurants are opening every day, each having something unique to offer. Trying something you’ve never had might be the perfect opportunity to experience a fond memory to last a lifetime.