Struggling to Promote Your Small Food Business? Here are 4 Marketing Platforms for You

thinkingAre you a single mom looking for additional sources of income? Are you an avid baker who considers his or her cookies palatable enough to sell? If you excel in food preparation and you want to be an entrepreneur, the food industry is your friend.

But, how would people buy your delectable chocolate cake if they have no idea it exists? Once you’ve polished your recipe, it’s time to show and grow your business to the world through these simple but feasible marketing avenues.

The Internet

You can set up several social media accounts featuring your small food business. With excellent food photography, yummy catchphrases, and a reliable network of friends, you can let more people know you’re selling the best rainbow cake in town. You can also set up a blog and share your photos and content through your social media networks.

Weekend Markets

Sunday markets are becoming popular worldwide. These weekend markets often feature local food and arts and crafts businesses that cater to both the residents and tourists in town. You can approach the weekend market organizers in your vicinity and set up your own booth. Bring just enough servings of those cookie butter brownies to pique your neighbors’ interests. suggests setting up tarpaulins and banner flags, so the passersby can see you, too.

State Fair

If you want to expand your small food business, consider presenting your extraordinary blueberry pies to the State Fair, too. This will be a huge opportunity for you to meet more potential customers and even partner with that hot guy selling strawberry pies. Be more creative with your booth to attract the visitors’ attention.

Other Community Events

Community events like school fairs, club anniversaries, and even homecoming parties need food. After all, who’s going if there’s nothing to munch on, right? People will need their mouths full for those awkward silences with long-time-no-see “friends.” Supply the food to these community events and you win big time.

If you see yourself as an energetic, creative entrepreneur, a small food business is your calling. Check out those marketing avenues and see which one fits your needs and preferences most.