Sleep Like a Baby (Literally): The Best Temperature for Child’s Comfort

Sleeping babyKeeping a comfortable environment for babies is a top priority for parents. This is why it’s not surprising that first-time parents commonly ask the ideal temperature in the nursery room. When it comes to this matter, people often say: just not go to the extremes — not so cold, not so hot — just right.

The thing is, “just right” is a little vague. As parents, you can’t afford to be vague when it comes to your baby’s comfort, especially if it can put their life at risk. As you might not know, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is closely linked to overheating or poor room temperature.

This is why the Tennessee Health Department advises the public to follow these guidelines to prevent SIDS.

Comfortable Temperature

Seek the help of experts in HVAC companies Knoxville, TN to ensure that your AC is functioning properly. A good estimate of temperature ideal for babies is what’s comfortable for you when you wear light clothes. If the room is too chilly or too warm when wearing light fabrics, that’s not comfortable for the baby.

Experts usually recommend setting the thermostat at 68–72° Fahrenheit. Make sure that your ACs are in tip-top shape because minor dysfunction may alter regulated temperatures. Plus, ACs don’t just regulate temperature at home, but also affect indoor air quality.

Remember that when the room is too hot, your baby becomes more susceptible to SIDS. When it’s too cold, this can cause discomfort for your baby and wake them up in the middle of sleep. You could use fans as they can allow the air to circulate better in the room.

The Right Clothes

Another temperature-related consideration that can affect baby’s comfort is their clothing. It’s best to dress them one additional layer. During winter, you may add one more layer. But for warmer seasons, choose light fabrics.

Swaddling can also increase a baby’s comfort and help them sleep longer. If you do choose to do this, be sure to do it right; otherwise, it can put your baby at risk of suffocation and other health problems, such as hip dysplasia.

Temperature plays a big role in your baby’s comfort. Keep your baby calm by keeping their room comfortable.