Realtor vs. Home Buyer: Who Should You Approach?

Home For Sale Real Estate SignYou may be thinking of leaving Minnesota and settling down in another state. Before you do so, though, you want to sell your house. The money you can raise certainly helps in starting over.

The question is, which specialist should you approach? Should it be a realtor or a home buyer?

Why Work with a Home Buyer

A home buyer such as Homestead Road is similar to a realtor since it deals with both the buyer and the seller. But there are significant differences, which can work to your advantage. First, it purchases houses as is. It means you don’t need to spend money on repairs and remodeling.

These types of projects can cost a lot of money. The national average is almost $40,000. What a home buyer does is to provide free home assessment, offer what it believes is the best value for the property, and then buy your home. The amount you receive can be 200 percent the potential market value.

The process also means you don’t need to spend on realtor fees, and you can sell your home in less than a week. It is beneficial since properties on a listing can stay there for as long as 60 days. Moreover, the more unique the property is, the longer it could stay since it has a niche buyer.

Why Work with a Realtor

You can benefit from working with a realtor if you have already remodeled your house. Having an as-is home with some issues can significantly reduce its market value. In other words, you can have the better offer from the realtor.

Furthermore, consider one if you want to receive as many offers as possible. A realty company can work on the marketing and negotiations, among others. Agents are also knowledgeable of the market, so they can provide you with the best advice to sell fast.

With a realtor or home buyer, you can sell your property. You can use factors such as speed, ease, and support to help you decide which option is the right one for your needs.