Promoting Your Brand via the Three Biggest Social Media Websites

Social MediaSocial media is one of the most valuable aspects of online marketing because people spend majority of their time browsing these sites. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the competition to effectively reach out to people through social media and build a loyal base of followers. If you want to optimize your campaigns on these three biggest social media sites, here’s how.


Facebook is all about personalization, visuals, and relatable content. Therefore, as a business, you need to brand yourself using exciting photos and a tone that people can relate to. Keep your profile updated one to three times per day using appropriate hashtags and promotional images. Your page info should also be filled up for people who are interested to know more about you.


Twitter is the home of hashtags. Come up with unique ones and encourage your followers to use them and spread the word by tweeting interesting tidbits and offering special promos. Since Twitter is more compact than Facebook, you need to limit your posts to at most four times a day or else you will turn off your followers. Don’t forget to tweet some images and videos every once in a while to make your feed more interesting.


If you’re just starting to incorporate videos into your online marketing strategy, then it’s best to hire an exceptional SEO company for help. Your videos should promote your brand, but they should also be entertaining and relevant to your audience for them to actually care enough to watch and share it. Make sure you fill up the “About” section of your YouTube account and keep your channel organized by making playlists and incorporating keywords to your video titles and descriptions.

Keep these things in mind whenever you’re dealing with these big social media sites. Keep your audience interested and do your best until it produces results over time.