Outwit, Outplay, Outwork: Surviving Your Temp Job

Industrial Staffing ManagementIn today’s market, jobs are few and far between. And when jobs are this scarce, temporary work agencies such as PeopleReady are anybody’s best bet for quick employment. Various industries like construction, manufacturing, and hospitality are always looking for a fast turnover workforce and agencies can help with that.

But once you’ve gotten a temp job chances are, your name will be lost in the fray. How does one survive the fury of employment? Here are some tips.

Weathering the Storm

The key to surviving any job is preparation. Before you even arrive on your first day, gather all the information you need like work hours, job requirements, and even work attire. Do not be afraid to ask questions that agency itself cannot answer.

Preparation also includes planning your day and transportation route. Nobody wants to be late on his or her first day. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before you need to be there to acquaint yourself with your new environment.

Come to work in professional attire – remember that you are there to work and not walk the runway. Dress appropriately and comfortably because these will count towards people’s first impressions of you.

Turning the Temporary into the Permanent

While your employment may be temporary, the lessons and friends you make during your stay can last a lifetime. Do not be afraid to socialize with your workmates and always remember everybody’s names.

Flexibility and versatility are some of the things employers look for in their employees.

You may be asked to perform tasks that are not in your field of expertise but do not be afraid to branch out a little. Being a jack-of-all-trades may lead to a better, more permanent position in your new company.

Maximizing every opportunity at your new work can be the secret to making the temporary last a little bit longer. While the job may have a definite time limit, the lasting connections you make while there can last forever.