New Nail Polish Products and Why They’re Worth Trying

Nail PolishThere are newly introduced nail polish products in the market today. Some of them are so exclusive that some brands sell only to specific countries, others for a limited time or season only. Before you start buying nail polish online, here's some important information about these nail new breeds:

Gel Nail Polish

Probably the biggest wow factor of this type of nail polish is its capacity to stay on your nails for two to three weeks without chipping off. It comes in many different colours and is quite popular in many beauty salons and manicure stations. However, there have been doctor's studies that this particular nail product contains harmful chemicals. You need to soak your fingers in a chemical-based polish remover for at least 15 minutes to remove the effects of the gel polish from your nails completely.

Organic Nail Polish

This nail polish is made of biological and organic materials, which means it has no chemicals or whatsoever. It's probably one of the most eco-friendly nail polish versions in the market today. It follows strict regulations before they can claim and pass to be called organic by international health and food standards. Check the awards it received or at least the ingredients on its label to be sure.

Water-Based Nail Polish

Instead of using an acrylic or a chemical-based formula, this nail polish uses water. This reduces the smell when applying. Some brands are hypoallergenic due to the absence of strong chemicals, such as solvents, toluene, DBPs and formaldehyde. These can minimise allergic reactions and skin contamination, as well. Removal is easy since you only need warm water.

Many have been intrigued enough to pay attention to these new nail polish brands. However, do consider the benefits and disadvantages of each kind. That way, you can choose which nail lacquer would best fit your beauty and health needs. After all, beauty should be evident within as well.