Must-Knows before Hiking in the Alps

a person hikingAre you planning to go hiking in the Alps? If so, there are some things you need to know before going to prepare you for the weather, altitude, and others, notes Preparation is important for a safe and enjoyable trip through one of the world’s most beautiful mountains and landscapes.


The season you visit will affect some aspects of your trip. If it snows, you need to bring more layers of clothes and a specific pair of shoes to walk on ice, snow, and wet surfaces. The temperature might dip to zero degrees or reach freezing levels at night. High season for hiking is in the summer because of relatively warm and cool temperatures. This is also the time when most people attempt to hike the surrounding mountains.

Route to Take

You have a number of options on which route to take to enjoy the mountains. Identify which one has the views and challenges you like. You might also encounter different types of trails, paved or rugged, and some parts have cable cars to make the trip easier. Use a GPS or have a printed map just in case your gadgets run out of power.

Pre-Trip Conditioning

Although some sections of the mountains have cable cars, you still need to be at a certain level of physical fitness to explore some routes. Carry a backpack when hiking up hills, run for a couple of kilometers before or after work to improve your cardiovascular strength, and do some weight lifting to prepare your body for the hours’ long hike.

Prepare for the Altitude

The heights may cause sickness to some hikers. In such cases, bring medication to alleviate this and enjoy the rest of your trip. Before hiking, allow your body to adapt to the altitude. Avoid rushing up the mountain to prevent the onset of unnecessary stress. Stay a night in the nearest town or lodging as you go up the mountains.

These are only some of the things you need to know before hiking. Prepare for your trip so that you enjoy it fully.