Motivating Millennials: 4 Business Talks for Young Minds

SpeakerMillennials, or those aged 18 to 35, cover a third of today’s workforce. In 10 years, these young Americans will lead the business world and shape the future of the succeeding generations.

As the current business leader, how would you motivate these young professionals to fulfill their potential and reach their goals at work? Here are four speech topics that can help.


The Millennials grew up in the era of instant communication. Their puberty time was when text messaging and chat rooms emerged, thus shaping how they generally talk now that they’re adults. To give value to emails and face-to-face interaction, you can motivate them through positive communication, nonverbal cues, and giving undivided attention. Reach out to experienced business motivational speakers and your younger employees may listen more.

Personal Effectiveness

In relation to attention, Millennials are more prone to multitask than those of older generations. While giving encouragement and feedback motivates Millennials, you may also give talks and workshops about personal effectiveness. Give them the necessary tools for managing their time, expectations, and goals and they can feel more inspired to do more at work. This allows them to reach a goal again and again, thus defining effectiveness.

Change and Challenge Management

Anyone, regardless of generation, may not handle change and challenge well. To motivate Millennials, you can encourage them to attend workshops and discussions about these resolution topics. Allow them to learn how to identify root causes, connect related ideas, and thus produce sound solutions to both personal and career challenges. Teach them how to maturely handle setbacks and be more aware of their emotions and thoughts.

Creativity and Humor

These two topics may be the most challenging to teach, especially to Millennials. You can hire external business motivational speakers who can effectively discuss escaping one’s comfort zones, conditioning thoughts, and learning how to be responsible about interpersonal relations. Creativity and humor may be a personal thing, but these can be developed through motivational talks.

Engaging Millennials can be a huge challenge for today’s business leaders. But, once you’ve broken the generational barriers and shared thoughts with everyone from your team, you can encourage the millennial generation to be more effective at work.