Managing Projects with a Multicultural Setting

Multicultural TeamWith business globalization, it is common for managers and owners to find themselves working with people from different parts of the world — not just different states. Remotely managed employees and freelancers are growing in number, as the Internet is providing avenues for people to work together regardless of location.

Outsourcing as an Option

The advantages are obvious: There are more options for business owners to find service providers that match their criteria in terms of performance and pricing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and its subhead Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) have been around for a while and many businesses extol the benefits these options provide.

From an employee standpoint, these business processes are beneficial. Now there are more freelancers who would rather be at home with their families than spending half their day in traffic and the other half in the office. In many cases, freelancers can go from one client to another wherever their services are needed.

Challenges in Management

The challenges for businesses working with freelancers, work-at-home employees, or field workers come with the territory. One of the more challenging parts of this setup is working with people who have different cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. It is easy to ignore or forget this challenge exists until the problem becomes obvious.

Dealing with the Challenges

Milestone Management Consultants and other project management training course providers aim to solve such challenges, and one way to deal with them is to refrain from making assumptions. The ease with which people make assumptions is sometimes due to their background, making them forget that the people they are working with are not from the same place or even generation.

Business owners and managers should also make an effort to understand where a freelancer or field worker is coming from. A two-way street is important in communication. Management of expectations is important, and it comes with effort as much as it does with experience.

By learning how to deal with different people with different cultural backgrounds, you will be able to manage your own expectations, set theirs, and gain from your situation of working together while possibly thousands of miles apart.