Log Loading and Transporting Guide

Transporting LogsThere are many hazards when loading and transporting logs. To avoid mishaps and injuries, follow safety tips when working with logs. This is true not just for those in charge of loading, but also for the drivers of the trucks. Transporting the logs is an activity that requires awareness and care.

When Loading

These reminders help keep everyone in the loading area safe:

  1. Only persons involved in loading should be in the designated area. Drivers shouldn’t be in the truck unless necessary. They should wear proper protection.
  2. The loading area needs good lighting. This ensures clear visibility during the loading, so that you can secure the logs properly.
  3. Make sure the transport vehicle, whether owned or hired from East Coast flatbed trucking companies, is positioned in a way that there’s working clearance between the deck and the vehicle.
  4. Communication between the driver and loading personnel is crucial during loading operations.
  5. Check that the brakes are set and stable before starting loading operations.
  6. The areas for loading should be far from vehicles and pedestrians to minimize injury in case of accidents.
  7. Guard dangerous parts of the vehicle, like chain drives, exposed exhaust pipes, and power take-offs, while loading.
  8. Clean any junk or loose materials in the vehicle such as crates, cables, wires, or chains before loading tools or equipment.
  9. Be mindful of the requirements for wrappers and binders when securing the load.

Before Transporting

After loading, remember these:

  1. Inspect vehicles to check that the horns, reflectors, lights, and any other safety features are in good condition.
  2. Use red flags to mark loads that extend three feet beyond the body of the vehicle.
  3. There should never be unsecured items in the back seat or rear window deck of a vehicle. This is to protect drivers or passengers in case of sudden braking.

While on the road, drivers must stop frequently to check the cargo, especially when traveling long distances. Too many drivers and personnel have been hurt during loading and transporting. Safety awareness is crucial to keep accidents from happening.