Know how cleanliness standards affects your hotel rating

Interior of hotel bedroom with twin size bedStar ratings in hotels are important because it helps customers decide if they are going to book accommodation. In Australia, 85 percent of travellers have been reported to use star ratings when choosing a hotel. One of the key areas of rating assessment is cleanliness, and you should know how it could affect your hotel.

Star rating score in cleanliness and ways to improve it

You should understand that the cleanliness of your hotel is given a percentage score ranging from “good”, “very good”, to “excellent”. If you’re aspiring to get a 5-star by improving cleanliness to attract more customers, you may consider contracting Strata cleaning service providers in Sydney like Kalloza. Earning a 5-star certifies that your hotel is excellent in all standard aspects. An evaluation conducted at Victoria University found out that cleanliness in bedroom and bathroom are most important for Australian travellers. Once you get any star rating, you could only maintain or improve it because you could be penalised by the Star Ratings Australia if you breach the standards set on your hotel. They used to send mystery guests if they receive a guest complaint of a hotel failing to meet standards.

Other key areas of star rating assessment

Aside from cleanliness, hotels are also scored through “quality and condition” and “facilities and services”. It is essential that a hotel also gets an excellent score from these two other key areas of assessment to achieve a 5-star rating. Remember that having a low score in any of the three key areas could affect your star rating. A 4-star rate could only be awarded to your hotel if it doesn’t achieve excellence regarding cleanliness.

Star rated hotels are issued licenses and trademarks, and you need to renew it every start of the financial year. Hotel star ratings also appear online when travellers search the internet for a place to stay.