Improve User Website Experience with These Hacks

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Your website has turned into a powerful and influential tool that you leverage togain a competitive advantage. User experience plays a huge role in convincing a visitor to buy or at least sign-up for the newsletter. Experts on graphic design in Salt Lake City agree on several ways that companies need to implement to improve visitor experiences.

Understand the Power of White Space

White space is an important aspect of solid web design; it makes content legible and easy to read, while allowing visitors to focus on different elements around the text or content. It also improves the attention rate of visitors by 20%. This design concept makes your site feel and look fresh, modern and open, enabling you to communicate your brand message easier.

One downside of white space, however, is that it takes up too much space on a page. It may replace valuable details and pieces of information that a visitor wants to know. The key is to find the balance between adding content and white space that highlights text or a particular image.

Attractive Calls to Action

Visitors already know the visual cues that enable them to determine which parts of the page or content are important to them. The call to action must have an action word and clearly marked to allow for easy navigation to get to where a user wants to go to. Choose the right color and take advantage of color psychology and action messaging when selecting a button.

Hyperlink Differentiation

Links must be identifiable by using certain visual cues; underlining or using different colors for the text of the link draws the attention of a visitor. It lets them know that it is a hyperlink that directs them to another page. Don’t worry about the length of text as this makes it easier for them to know what it’s about.

These are only three ways that improve user experience as they browse your website. There are other strategies identify these and implement which ones work best for you.