How to Apply for a Resource Consent

two people in agreementResource consents are written documents or permits that let you utilise land, water or coastal resources. Nowadays, some businesses offer resource management to their customers. However, before you begin, you need to understand the process behind it. Thus, here are the three main stages of the resource consent application:

Step One: Preparing Your Application Form

According to the Ministry for the Environment, you need to get the proper application forms. You can download them directly from the council’s website. You also need to complete the AEE or the assessment of environmental effects soon after. You may also want to prepare a detailed evaluation of all the possible consequences of all the activities in the environment. Finally, you may wish to consult the people who may be affected by the project.

Step Two: The Council Reviews Your Application

The council or the planners will review your application and determine the service that you’ll qualify for. According to the Auckland Council, if the board takes more than 20 working days to assess the application, the applicant will be entitled to a special discount. The said discount will automatically be applied during invoicing by the system.

Step Three: You’ll Receive the Result

You will then receive a letter in the mail that states the result of your application. For some applications, you may have to wait for fifteen days. The time frame will give you enough time to appeal. However, if your request has been denied, then you can make your objection within fifteen working days.

Overall, acquiring resource consents are important when planning to use natural resources like water and land. By remembering the given steps, you can make the process easier.