How Much Should You Spend on Buying Vinyl Tiles in Australia?

Vinyl tile designsHouseholds that want a cheaper yet equally good alternative to stone or timber flooring should consider vinyl tiles, which may cost at least $30 per square metre for supply and installation work.

The price could be high depending on the project. The standard quality ranges between $35 and $45 per square metre, while vinyl plank floors cost up to $90 per square metre.

Room Renovations

If you plan to install vinyl tiles in the bathroom, consider spending extra money for final changes. An aluminium tile manufacturer may provide the right materials for the job. Remember that bathroom renovation entails the added cost of hiring a plumber even if you don’t plan to add new tiles.

You may spend at least $80 for the installation of bathtubs and sinks. A showerhead installation costs around the same amount, although putting a new toilet may account for the most significant share of expenses at up to $550. The total price of renovating a bathroom may cost $1,600 per square metre on average.

DIY Installation

Those who are only interested in adding new tiles to their flooring may also do the project themselves. You should choose to spend the money you save from hiring professional installers by picking high-end vinyl tiles. When selecting among suppliers, compare quotes from at least three companies before making a decision.

Buying high-quality tiles would be a better option, especially if you are replacing tiles in a commonly used room. The difference of a few dollars when purchasing tiles that are more expensive shouldn’t matter if it means that you don’t have to maintain or replace them frequently.

Your home’s flooring shouldn’t cost a fortune to look expensive, so choose a supplier that offers reasonable rates for high-quality materials. How much is your budget for floor tiling installation?