Green Funeral Ideas for Earth-Loving Souls

Woman mourning in a funeralFor people who’d wish to die as they lived — with care for their environment — planning an eco-friendly funeral is a good choice. This type of funeral uses less energy and resources, and it causes less pollution.

Cremating someone can use as much energy as one person uses for a whole month. It releases lots of greenhouse gases while embalming the body causes carcinogenic chemicals to seep into the soil. Rain causes it to run into rivers, polluting the water.

Traditional solid coffins contribute to deforestation, and global warming and hearse vehicles emit vehicle fumes. For the environmentally conscious person, this can be against their advocacies.

An increasing number of people want to return their body to the Earth in a way that is more in harmony with nature. Providers of green funerals in the UK can help them organise it.

No Embalming

Embalming isn’t a legal requirement in the UK unless the deceased is being repatriated from abroad. A body can safely be refrigerated for several days before a funeral. Embalming also releases carcinogens, which is a health hazard to the embalmer and a form of pollution to the environment.

Cardboard or Willow Coffin

Coffins can be made using cardboard. This uses far fewer trees than a solid wood coffin. Some companies personalise them with the person’s name or favourite hobby. Willow reeds are also an ethical alternative.

Pedal Power Hearses

Worried about car fumes? Opt for a pedal-powered hearse instead. It causes no pollution and is a popular option among former cyclists. The idea developed after hearing cyclists in a restaurant say they wished they could take their cycle to Heaven.

Woodland Burial Sites

The final place of interment could be a beautiful woodland burial ground or a wildflower meadow — far more scenic and peaceful than a traditional cemetery.

If caring for the planet is close to your heart, planning an eco-funeral will give you a send-off in line with your values.