Enamelware: Understanding the Hype

Enamel KitchenwareEvery homeowner wishes for dishes, pots, pans, cups, or any kitchenware that is able to clean themselves after use. After all, no one is really fond of dish-washing, not even when you just need to load it to the washer. Therefore, the presence of enamel in kitchenware might not be the self-cleaning feature every housewife (or househusband) looks for, but is an invention close enough to perfection.

Knowing where to buy enamelware for all your kitchen needs is a must. Before searching for stores, Falcon Enamelware reminds that it would be helpful to know why you need to invest in one. Here are some points that might just convince you to make the shift:

Safe to use

There is acidic food and then there are non-acidic ones. But who really notices when you are cooking for a hungry family? Cooking in enamel cast iron cookware helps you cook with ease because the iron will not leach and reach your food, making it a safe choice.

Easy to clean

It’s non-stick, which means it’s easy to clean. No more scrubbing and puffing because you left the chicken sauce to dry on the pan last night, and that’s great news for you!


They might be heavier than other types of kitchenware, but enamel cookware is extremely durable and can literally be passed from one generation to another.

Good conductor

Enamel itself is a good conductor that allows your food to cook evenly. No more burned sides and undercooked middle portions with enamelware.


Whether you own a traditional stove, those that run on electricity, or an oven, enamel is the way to go. It’s so flexible that it can take any kind of heat source to cook your food.

Why all the hype with enamelware? These five points are the answer.