Caring for Furniture: Advice for the Good Homeowner

Furniture Care GuideFurniture — the classy kind that never fails to start conversations during a home party — is never a low-cost expenditure. It is never one of those run-of-the-mill numbers nailed together and slapped with some foul-smelling paint or varnish. 

Sometimes it is not pricey, either. Your favourite furniture may be the ones made by yourself — labouring for hours in your tiny wood shop out back, brushing it with varnish, and letting it cure for days.

Wherever your furniture came from and no matter how much money you put into it, you do not want it to suffer from damage, fading and neglect. To take care of your furniture and enjoy its beauty for years to come, here is some good advice.


An easy and harmless way to remove stains from furniture is to use warm water and a little soap. Use a soft toothbrush to remove the gunk and stains. Do not scrub too hard. Remember, wood is wood so never let it soak. Do the cleaning portion by portion and quickly. Wipe off the water after cleaning with a soft cloth, preferably microfibre. Dust often and avoid spills and drops of liquid as much as possible.

Protecting from light

Light and heat are not good for furniture. Faded furniture is often the furniture exposed to the most sun. Position your furniture away from direct sunlight; avoid placing it near windows and doors. Use curtains or blinds. If you have a skylight, you can find skylight window blinds to dampen the harsh sun that comes in and punishes your furniture.


Store-bought furniture often comes with recommendations for what to use it for polishing. Follow those recommendations, but do not over-polish. Using too much chemical may lead to dull surfaces instead, and using a combination of chemicals like paste and wax or liquid polish almost certainly affects the shine you want. Liquid polish and wax will not combine well and will instead form a gummy mess you now have to remove.

Some people look at furniture for the function, but the best homeowners know there is more to furniture than that. Use their functions, but enjoy their beauty too. Learn how to take care of your furniture and enjoy them for a long time.