Australian Take on Asian Cuisine: Not Quite Authentic, Still Delectable

Asian Cuisine Dishes in AustraliaThe Land Down Under is a big fan of the cuisines of their Asian neighbours. As a result, Australians are constantly trying to duplicate their favourites. Because of the foreign take, it’s no wonder that Asian Food in Australia differs a tad bit from what is found in the East.

Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian dishes are popular in Australia. Some of these boast of a fame that surpasses local dishes, but they are not quite as authentic as the original.

Fortunately, many Asian restaurateurs cater to Australia’s cravings. Some of them even impart tips on how to do the cuisine right.

Bigger, Better Portions

Unlike in Asia, Australians enjoy bigger food portions. Combining the two cultures results in Asian food served on bigger plates. According to Chopstix, a local noodle bar, it’s common to order dishes such as pad thai and chicken rice almost twice the size than what one would find in Asia.

As a result, eating a big Asian meal (composed of more noodles or rice) is all about consuming a load of calories.

Asian Junk Dishes

Asian dishes are often on the healthier side. Boiled chicken soup, stir-fried vegetables and steamed dumplings do not have an inch of excess fat on them.

Despite the variety of Asian cuisine in Australia, the Land Down Under version of these Eastern dishes are deep-fried, greasy and rich in MSG. A popular example is adding more okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) sauce on your okonomiyaki.

Commercialisation of Asian dishes resulted in the rise of the so-called “junk” versions. Food courts serve processed and pre-packaged food easily available to foodies.

Enjoying Asian

Despite the slight differences in taste, Australia manages to create Asian dishes that please the local palate. Adding a touch of Australia to favourite dishes creates something more colourful — a fusion of Asia and Australia. After all, there is no one way to enjoy Eastern cuisine. Foodies can explore various options, making for a fun adventure.

Australia’s love for Asian cuisine drives them to re-create some of their most favourite dishes. While these are not quite as authentic, they are delicious, nonetheless.