Arranging a Group Homeschooling Trip

Field trip to museum with guideThere are around 80,000 families across Australia who have chosen to homeschool their children. (30,000 registered families and up to 50,000 unregistered families). This mode of education is proving so popular that there has been a 70% increase in the number of parents choosing to educate their children outside of school between 2010-2016.

New parents who have just joined the community may be wondering how to organise their first group day out, but it’s easy.

Check the Location

When choosing an educational venue, make sure it is somewhere you can visit in less than a day. Don’t go anywhere more than two hours away. Kids get bored and no one wants to spend more time on the bus than at the attraction. Pick a venue suitable for multiple ages, as home ed kids often include siblings of varying ages.

See if the Venue Offers Discounts

See if the venue offers group discounts or discounts for schools. Some places will also offer a discount for homeschooling groups, which will reduce the price parents pay for tickets.

Get Parents to Pay Online

After drawing up a list of who will be coming, have them pay the ticket price online, for example, through PayPal. The group money can then be used to pay for the trip.

Hire a Coach

Hiring a coach is much easier than using public transportation with a large group of children in tow. Coach bus hire companies in Sydney can help book the right kind of bus for the group’s needs. Remember to always opt for a trusted provider of the service — after all, safety and reliability are of paramount importance.

Bring Food and Medical Supplies

If leaving early in the morning, get parents to bring breakfast on the coach. Rolls and fruit or breakfast biscuits are good food when on the go. Once at the event, a destination that has a picnic area will be more affordable than a café. Don’t forget to take a first aid kit and basic medical supplies, too.

Organising a first educational trip is easy; and, once everyone has tried it, they’ll want to set their sights on that horizon again.