Analyzing the SEO Advantages of Old and New Websites

Search Engine OptimizationWhen it comes to ranking well on search results, the age of your website and domain is an interesting factor. Does it actually make a huge difference?

Like most things in the search industry, the answer is not that simple. SEO companies in Denver can provide much more detailed insights, so it would be a good idea to consult one if you need more strategic guidance.

Authority: A Strong Factor

As the most attractive benefit of having an “older” website, domain authority is one of the primary signals that Google uses to determine ranking. This is an overall measure of how trustworthy a website is, which it gained over time by attracting links and ranking for keywords in a certain niche.

It’s far from a guaranteed first page spot, as hundreds of things can influence your website’s overall rank. If you already have an established domain and brand, it can make things a lot easier. Website age is something you can’t optimize, after all.

On the other hand, this works in the other direction, too. A website that has used black hat tactics like link spamming in the past will be at a disadvantage. As the search consultants of C1 Partners recommend, you will need to devote a considerable amount of time and effort in cleaning up, or change domains.

What About New Brands?

Are you just starting to build your online presence? If so, don’t worry; new businesses have some advantages, too. The most obvious is that you’re starting with a clean slate, so it’s possible to avoid many of the SEO mistakes that can cripple a website. With the right strategy, you can surpass even established competitors in a matter of months.

From a marketing standpoint, new brands often find it easier to build a buzz. Use social media and promotions to your advantage, so you can develop your brand’s presence. Good posts and well-made advertisements will give your website a sizable growth spike during its initial stages, letting it get off the ground much easier.

Lastly, there’s no understating the importance of flexibility. Many business owners and even some marketers find it hard to adapt to changes in the search industry. New brands have much more freedom to experiment, as they don’t have any outdated notions of “what’s right”.