A Quick Overview of Catering Equipment, Repair and Maintenance

catering foodIn any business, equipment breaks down with constant use. This often becomes the case when they are brought to the client site for an event. It is part of normal wear and tear.

The noted Kent Catering recommends that in the case of broken equipment, there are catering equipment repairs in London, which can help both small and large caterers.

Catering Equipment

Like any other company, a catering service survives and remains in business due to its equipment. Good quality equipment lasts a long time and helps defray costs over the long period of use. Using low-quality equipment is not a viable option as these normally break down more often or sooner than expected.

Catering equipment should last years or decades of service. This helps the bottom line because the equipment is usually considered as capital expenditures, and are a one time write off in the accounting books. These catering equipment are usually kept clean before going into storage and then cleaned again prior to the next use.

Needed Repairs

In terms of sorting catering equipment, there are only a few categories. These include table settings, serving equipment, buffet equipment, and coffee and beverage station.

There is also off-premise catering equipment. Usually, these equipments have no moving parts. The normal wear and tear are the occasional dents and breakage. Examples include food heating equipment, as well as kitchen cooking equipment.

When table-top range, ovens, carts, refrigerators and the like — especially those powered by electricity — break, it is necessary to have them repaired immediately. In the world of catering, it is hard to predict when the next big gig is going to happen.