A Lighter Way to Move It: Stuff to Get Rid Of Before Moving

a family in their new homeHave you ever experienced moving house? The effort that goes into it makes you wonder how hoarders cope when they find the need to change their address.

America is a nation of hoarders; its people find it difficult to let go of things they don’t even need. One 2016 Washington Post headline read, “Hoarding is a serious disorder—and it’s only getting worse in the U.S.” Although you need to have a habit of excessive accumulation of stuff to be clinically diagnosed as a compulsive hoarder, it’s still not beneficial for you to keep things you don’t need, especially if you’re about to relocate.

What should you do if you’ve accumulated stuff and had to move to another state? According to Moving Squad, finding the right storage services can be a big task during your move. Are you going to rack up your moving bills by packing items that should have been in the trash five years ago? The answer should be no. In addition to the expense, you’ll likely be exhausted from packing up too much stuff.

Lighten up your load by getting rid of the following items before you move:

In the Kitchen, get rid of:

1. Outdated/Beat-Up Items

No need to use that frying pan that lost its handle two years ago. That early 2000s toaster oven is also a fire hazard. These things can be replaced easily, so it’s better if you leave them behind.

2. Unused Appliances

If you’re not particularly skilled in the kitchen, you may have bought an item or two that were supposed to make whipping up fancy meals easier. The problem is just that: you won’t always make special dinners. These tools and appliances will likely gather dust and take up space in your shelf. Get rid of these items by selling them online. This way, you can use the money to replace the beat-up kitchen tools you got rid of.

In the Living Room, get rid of:

1. Low-Quality Furniture

Cheaply made furniture can be damaged easily during your move. If this happens, you’ll end up replacing these pieces of furniture when you get to your new place anyway, so it’s better to get rid of them now to save up on moving costs.

2. Books You Won’t Reread

Books are one of the hardest and heftiest things to pack. If you own a shelf full of books, pick out only your favorites and get rid of the ones you didn’t like or ones that have been sitting unread on your shelf for a long time. Libraries don’t often accept used books, so find a little free library in your city and place your books there or hold a little book sale in your yard.

In the bedroom, get rid of:

1. Clothes that Don’t Fit or You’ll Never Wear Again

Only keep the clothes you love. Donate or sell the others that don’t fit you so somebody else can love them. This includes shoes, bags, and accessories too.

2. Extra Sheets and Towels

Let’s face it: you don’t need five sets of bed sheets or ten blankets. Also, if you regularly do laundry, you only need two to three towels. Again, donate or sell the others so you can lighten your load and deepen your pocket.

By minimizing the amount of stuff you own, you’ll realize that you’ll also minimize your moving day headache and expenses. With this list, you can enjoy a cheaper and literally lighter move.