A Gym Owner’s Perspective: Common Mistakes Gymnasts Make

GymGetting and staying fit is a challenging task for many. But, once you’ve finally left your couch and headed to the gym, it becomes an even more disastrous experience when you find out that, after long hours of sweating, you’ve been doing all your exercises wrong.

In your line of work as a gym owner, you’ve seen some of the most common mistakes gymnasts make just to achieve their fitness goals. This is especially true for those without a proper personal trainer. Here’s how to help them change their habits.

Dodging the Warm-up

While doing this saves time, skipping warm-up exercises will increase risks of getting injured. Remind gymnasts to have a fixed warm-up routine, which includes squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and pushups to increase their heart rate  before they start working with the weights. If you’re using studio management software, schedule the classes to have enough time for them to warm up.

Doing Cardio Exercises Before the Lifting Session

In any workout plan, cardio is the most crucial. It can be detrimental to a gymnast’s fitness plan  when these are done at the wrong time. Before doing a set of heavy squats, completing a 30-minute jog can help increase the heart rate and serve as the warm-up.

But, when it’s time to work with the bar, gymnasts already feel exhausted. This can lead to poor form, or in worse cases, potential injuries. The Studio Director suggests getting free gym membership software that tracks the workout plan of each client so you can make recommendations to help them improve.

Using the Same Equipment, Sets, and Reps All the Time

Doing the same, repetitive routine is one of the reasons people get bored easily. This may lead to them quitting even when they’re nowhere near their fitness goal. Gymnasts need to work on overall fitness, but that doesn’t mean doing the same routines every day. Encourage them to change their routine every few weeks.

Are your gym members guilty of any of these mistakes? If yes, it may be time for you to step in and help them change their ways.