4 Tips on Decorating a Wedding Tent Affordably

Wedding TentWhen it comes to your wedding day, the last thing you want is skimp on what matters to you. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll be looking to throw away money. There are ways you can still make your event stand out without spending insane amounts of cash.

Why not try these clear span tent rental and decoration ideas that are as unique as they are affordable?

Use chair sashes to accent table linens

As a rule of thumb, always think of contrasting colors for your chair sashes and tablecloths. If, for instance, you are using dark table linens, make sure the chair sashes are brightly colored.

Mid-tone and dark colored sashes, on the other hand, are perfect for light colored tablecloths. You can cheaply make sashes by buying a roll of the material and cutting it to suitable lengths.

Consider bistro lights

Don’t you just love the look of bistro lights? They can transform the appearance of your tent from lovely to stunning. Better yet, they’re easy to hang. Simply choose the appropriate lights and get your groomsmen to hang them on the ceiling of the wedding tent the night before your wedding.

Hang white drapery

If you’re looking for a gorgeous appearance, but don’t want to rent a tent liner, consider buying affordable rolls of drapery. You can easily find them online. They’re incredibly easy to install. All you need is several zip ties and someone tall to help out.

Opt for wooden signs

Wooden signs are beautiful and cost little to make. That’s why many people are opting for them in the past. You can easily find wood and the tools for making the signs from a local store near you. You can also buy ready-made ones online.

Your wedding doesn’t need to cost a fortune to be exquisite. If you are creative about the details such as the wedding tent decoration, you can still end up with a stunning wedding for a lot less.