4 Presentation Ideas for Caterers

catering foodCatering is more than providing food; it’s about doing so in the most appealing manner. If you’re new to catering, the following are some presentation tips you might want to try:

Get the Right Materials

While you don’t want to spend more than necessary, having the right food dispensers will greatly enhance the beauty of your catering setup. You’ll find that basic equipment and tools are sold in various designs, such as a catering beverage dispenser, a cupcake rack, or an imaginative sushi serving dish. Having these in your arsenal will definitely enhance your catering game.

Stick it Up

One of the coolest ways to present ordinary food in a new light is by using a barbecue style presentation. You can stick certain food types together so that it helps create that wonderful single-serve appeal. Not only is this easy to set up, it’s also incredibly clean and allows for a quick headcount of how much you need.

Go Big with Colours

There’s nothing like a burst of colour to make your presentation more appealing. Use colours that come naturally to nature. This means the use of fruits and vegetables in all their glorious hues. Combine colours and if possible, you can also try playing with new flavours.

Go Live if Possible

You can also try adding a bit of flair to your catering presentation by going live. What does this mean? You can put in someone who cooks or prepares the food as requested. For example, sushi rolls can be made fresh by an on-site chef. Fried ice cream can be done as requested or even everyone’s favourite, an on-site barbecue service.

When it comes right down to it, your imagination is your limit when setting up a catering event. Whether buffet style or a plate-event, feel free to play and experiment with how the food is presented.