3 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

someone checking the reputation of a businessMaintaining a good online reputation is essential to attracting new business. How you handle your clients will determine the attitude they will have towards you. A wrong word or comment left in the right place will divert business to your competitors. How do you ensure your online reputation is clean?

Claim your online presence.

The more you have an active online presence, the less damage a negative review can have on your business. Let the world know who you are, where you are, your uniqueness, and your story. The more the world knows and understands you, the less impact any negative comments will have on their interactions with you.
Occasionally, you will encounter negative publicity from hard-to-please clients or jealous competitors. To manage this, an SEO services provider in Naples, like Customer Finder Marketing, can help spread the right word about your business.

Be professional.

Good customer relations, which includes excellent communication skills, is essential. Always stick to your promises, and when you cannot deliver to the client’s satisfaction, communicate in advance. When there is a misunderstanding, solve it amicably. Never let the customer leave with a negative impression.

Don’t ignore negative reviews.

When anything negative is said about you, the best way is to respond to it respectfully and professionally. Do not try to defend yourself, become emotional or abusive. Note that the way you react is being monitored. Acknowledge the review, and if you are in the wrong, admit it and offer a helpful solution.

More than 60% of consumers go for online reviews before making a purchase. Make sure you know how to react and act to maintain a healthy business.