3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Unauthorized Retailers

Man using a computerMAP or minimum advertised pricing enforcement is a tricky issue for many manufacturers. This is mainly because they have to keep track of many online resellers, all while facing serious threats from unauthorized sellers. But MAP policy enforcement is crucial to your brand, so you need to do all that you can to protect your business from these unauthorized retailers. Below are three tips:

Build an authorized seller network program.

This would help you monitor and restrict which sellers are legally allowed to resell your products, and employ quality controls on where authorized dealers could sell and advertise your products. Create a solid agreement with your authorized sellers stating that they should only sell to authorized resellers included in your approved list.

By doing this, you’d also have the chance to scrutinize these potential resellers for reputation, track record, and stability. While this won’t entirely ensure that you’ll get rid of unauthorized resellers, it would help you identify and track them more efficiently.

Create a trust badge or icon for authorized dealers.

When a potential customer sees a verified authorized seller trust icon or badge alongside your products sold online—preferably a clickable badge that displays a message from the website of your company— this would let the customer know that the seller is part of your network. Potential customers would then start to look for your trust icon and would be more likely to only buy your products from trusted dealers.

Use automation for online MAP policy enforcement and brand protection.

Constant, manual monitoring of all incidents of your product offerings being sold and advertised online is a costly and extremely time-consuming process that would yield underwhelming results. Opt for a fully automated monitoring platform that would efficiently monitor the presence of your products online, day in and day out, and obtain proof of MAP policy violations. This way, you could take the appropriate measures for enforcement.

MAP policies could be a valuable tool to ensure that your authorized retailers adhere to your pricing strategy, and thus make certain that your brand is protected. But you should also be prepared to enforce your reseller policies on all your authorized retailers.