3 Reasons Print Isn’t Dead

Industrial printing machineYou’ve probably heard people saying that “Print is dead.” Due to the widespread use of digital channels, there was a time that more people prefer to download e-publications compared to reading printed materials. But print isn’t dead.

Here are some reasons it’s still alive and kicking. Keep these in mind if you’re planning to get a digital printing franchise soon:

Printed materials offer a unique experience.

In the age of e-mails and internet, handwritten notes and greeting cards sent through air mail offer a unique experience that no amount of e-mailed letters and e-cards can ever recreate. Printed materials are tangible — you can feel the texture of the paper and even smell it. This is something that you can’t do with e-publications.

You can bring printed materials everywhere.

Printed materials such as paperback copies of your favorite books are self-sufficient. You can bring it everywhere and you can use it without needing technology. If the power goes out or your digital device runs out of juice, you don’t need technology to read books. You can rely on it even when the power is out or there is no Wi-Fi. The same goes if you’re giving out print materials for your businesses.

Printed materials increase the reader’s attention.

In a survey, researchers found that students like printed materials better over its digital counterparts when it comes to academic reading. And because printed materials also increase the reader’s attention, you improve your chances of getting higher marks because the lack of technology to access printed materials allows you to focus.

In fact, you can also say that printed materials have become such a novelty that the comeback is stronger than the setback. There are many more reasons despite living in the age of technology, printed books and other printed materials survive. Keep these in mind if you’re planning to invest in a printing business soon in your area.