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Global Trends

Typical Impurities in Recyclable Wood and Their Effects

November 19, 2018

Forests are currently among the fastest disappearing natural resources worldwide. Wood, however, remains the leading raw material for many industries, including construction, furniture making, and paper. It also forms a raw material for a range of […]


Unexpected Benefits of Nicotine for the Brain

November 15, 2018

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products have long been associated with adverse health effects. Tobacco, one of a cigarette’s main ingredients, is linked to a higher risk of serious health conditions, such as stroke and […]

Woman eating yogurt with oats
The Bottomline

Variety Makes Your Business Boom

November 12, 2018

Flavor is what defines a successful food franchise. You can have the best team of marketers, but if you don’t have a flavorful product to market, you can only go so far. However, it’s not […]

Inside Business

How to Succeed in Starting a Construction Business

November 10, 2018

Construction is probably one of the oldest businesses in the world. For this reason, many are enticed to start a construction company. There is always an establishment that needs to be constructed, so there is […]

Woman mourning in a funeral

Green Funeral Ideas for Earth-Loving Souls

November 8, 2018

For people who’d wish to die as they lived — with care for their environment — planning an eco-friendly funeral is a good choice. This type of funeral uses less energy and resources, and it […]