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Marketing Daily

Should You Bootstrap or Borrow to Finance Your Business?

November 27, 2015

A successful business start with a great idea, but it won’t get off the ground without funding. Hiring employees, renting office space, purchasing equipment, stocking inventory – all of these require a decent amount of […]

Property Management Agent

Why You Need to Engage a Property Management Agent

November 23, 2015

Although a property management agent would appear to be an expense on one side, the benefits often outweigh the disadvantages. With many agents offering property management in Brisbane, be on the lookout to choose the […]


Strategies in Defining Your Target Market

November 18, 2015

Everyone can definitely sell anything. But, only those who are knowledgeable about the proper ways to do it can effectively translate products and services to profit. One of the first things businessmen must know is […]

Office Design

Smart Office Design, Greater Business Success

November 16, 2015

Thanks to Google, more and more workplaces are embracing open, collaborative office design. This gives way to lower walls between desks and wider spaces for recreation. If you’re thinking a smart office fitout is just […]

Asset Management

The Impact of ISO 55000 Asset Management on Businesses

November 15, 2015

ISO 55000 is applicable to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to multinational enterprises. The standard is also applicable to different types of industries ranging from retail to production. Businesses that are already […]